Our team at MODUS Compliance can visit the construction site and review the compliance status of any built or installed elements. Areas of non-compliance are highlighted to our client in a detailed report with supporting photographs, clearly identifying all works necessary to be completed prior to the application for a Certificate of Construction Compliance or Certificate of Occupancy.

In larger projects, or where a fast tracked delivery timeline is required, we recommend one visit per month to permit early identification and allow rectification without impacting on contracted handover dates and avoiding disputes over EOT claims.

MODUS Compliance can develop inspection schedules to enable building owners and tenants to identify access and egress restrictions, OS&H issues, fire safety and associated risk through maintenance of essential services whilst taking into consideration Building Code and Australian Standard improvements.

We offer active and passive system testing, exit strategy implementation, logbook and maintenance contractor auditing. Site essential service audits ensure that a building’s fire safety systems are adequately maintained throughout it’s life cycle to safeguard occupants from injury, illness and loss of life.